C++ Developer X 2

Lake Forest, CA 92630

Employment Type: Contract Job Category: C++ Job Number: 19359

Key Accountabilities 

  • Actively partake in code reviews for other team members (I)
  • Adhere to global testing strategies (e.g. unit testing) to ensure the code is of high quality and minimizes regression (I)
  • Adhere to coding standards (I)
  • Attending daily stand ups to discuss project progress and what individual team members will be working on next (I)
  • Be available either in person or on Slack/ other messaging tool to discuss technical solutions with other developers (I)
  • Collaborate with developers on other platforms to ensure logic is consistent across platforms (II)
  • Competently fix bugs (I)
  • Delegate tasks when required to the rest of the team (III)
  • Engage with key internal stakeholders to understand the product and user environments of the solutions we are creating (II)
  • Feed into technical architecture documentation by providing thoughts and advise (I)
  • Generate the appropriate design documents, wireframes and other forms of documentation to clearly represent the solutions being created (III)
  • Have final say on code review disputes if any should arise (IV)
  • Help Lead daily standups and help clarify any questions other team member may have (III)
  • Help direct other team members to allow them to implement the designs (III)
  • Lead enforcement of coding standards (III)
  • Maintain existing systems and applications (I)
  • Plan individual tasks and manage working time in accordance with the sprint plan (II)
  • Proactively responding to reported tickets on Jira (I)
  • Provide input into technical architecture for the wider product/project (III)
  • Provide technical architecture documentation for new features (IV)
  • Provide technical input into backlog grooming exercises (IV)
  • Provide technical steer on discussions around application architecture (III)
  • Technically lead and mentor all members of the team setting standards and technical vision within the team (III)
  • To deliver assigned tasks and features within their estimated timeframe (I)
  • When encountering issues demonstrate the ability to debug and problem solve. Ensure timely escalation of issues if you or your peers are unable to resolve (I)
  • Work closely with other BS teams such as Solutions Architects, Business Analysts, Testers and Producers (II)

Personal Development
  • Actively seeking to improve code quality (I)
  • Further technical knowledge using tools such as Stack Overflow (I)
  • Managing comments on team members’ pull requests and discuss and implement suggestions (I)
  • Outline and clearly explain any issues being faced and be able to discuss these with members of the team to come up with a solution (II)
  • Responsible for direct report bi-weekly one-to-ones (IV)
  • Responsible for mentoring less skilled team members (III)
  • Responsible for passing on newly acquired knowledge to the rest of the team (II)
  • Responsible for self objective monitoring and evidence gathering for progress reports (I)
  • Responsible to objective setting and monitoring for direct reports (IV)
  • Staying current with advances in new technologies (I)

Day-to-Day Focus
  • Ability to set standard and technical vision within the team (IV)
  • Ability to tackle complex tasks and bug fixes (III)
  • Ability to work with other BS teams to deliver solutions (II)
  • Accurately estimate tasks, complexity and development efforts for stories (II)
  • Accurately estimate timelines for tasks and features (II)
  • Being an ambassador for the development team within the wider company (I)
  • Being confident in front of clients and able to translate complex problems into plain English to non-technical people (III)
  • Commenting on pull requests and implementing changes (I)
  • Demonstrated improvement in the quality of code and a reduction in the number of comments on pull requests (III)
  • Ensuring best practice throughout the team with regards to coding standards and adhering to  coding standards (I)
  • Make use of Agile development practices (e.g. Story Points for user stories/tickets) (I)
  • Management of offshore teams/resources (IV)
  • Management or mentorship of people (III)
  • Participate in planning sessions, and feed into overall collaboration of sprint planning activities (I)
  • Passing on knowledge to junior team members and taking responsibility for their development and professional growth (III)
  • Show some ability to identify best use of technology to solve complex problems (II)
  • Strategy, resource planning, resource management, hiring (IV)
  • Take your quarterly objectives and build objectives for your direct reports so that it becomes a TOP-> DOWN-BOTTOM-> UP closed loop for objective definition and successful execution (IV)
  • Technically leading and mentoring all members of the team (IV)
  • Understanding and holistic view of the wider project scale (III)
  • Working with other teams so they understand the latest and greatest features of the technologies you work with (III)
  • Working with wider BS team to shout about what we do and up-sell what we do (I)

C++ (Required)
  • Experience in Cross Compiling to different architectures (II)
  • Good understanding of TCP/IP protocol (II)
  • Strong understanding of memory management in non-garbage collected environments (II)
  • Thorough knowledge of the standard library, STL containers, and algorithms (I)

We are looking for people with the following skills and experience:

Essential Skills and Experience: 
  • Bachelor' s degree in Computer Science or equivalent (I)
  • Critical thinking and problem solving (I)
  • Displays energy, drive and stamina (I)
  • Experience in Microservice Architecture (III)
  • Experience in large scale backend systems (III)
  • Experience in leading development teams (IV)
  • Experience using Git (II)
  • Experience with Docker (III)
  • Experience with messaging technology (eg. RabbitMQ) (II)
  • Knowledge of technologies such as GraphQL (III)
  • Must be a strong team player (I)
  • Open minded, flexible and willing to adapt to changing situations (I)
  • Strong experience with web service integration and development including REST & SOAP (III)

  • Experience of implementing caching solutions (e.g.  Redis) (I)
  • Experience of working with Continuous Integration (e.g. Jenkins CI Server) (I)
  • Experience of working with automated deployment solutions (ideally including Chef or Docker) (I)
  • Knowledge of technologies such as GraphQL (I)
  • Linux OS (I)

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